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Cisco 800 Series ADSL, IDSL, ISDN, and serial routers with Cisco IOS Technologies
• 1-port ADSL or 1-port BRI (optional NT1), IDSL or 1-port serial
• Optional 4-port Ethernet hub and 2 analog telephone ports (ISDN models)
• Advanced security features
• Toll quality voice with VoIP (Cisco 827-4V)

Cisco 1700 Series
Flexible, secure, modular access routers
• 1-port autosensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN
• Modular slots support a wide variety of WAN and analog voice interface cards
• Supports secure Internet, intranet, and extranet access as well as new WAN
applications including VPNs, integrated voice/data (VOIP), and broadband services

Cisco 2500 Series
Fixed and modular configuration access routers and servers
• Single or dual LAN; Ethernet or Token Ring
• Router/hub or access server
• Single, dual serial, or high-density serial models

Cisco 2600/2600XM Series
Modular multiservice router and dial access server
• Single or dual LAN (Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Token Ring and mixed Ethernet,
and Token Ring options)
• Wide variety of interface support, including analog and digital, voice, async and sync
serial, ISDN, Fractional and channelized T1/E1, Ethernet, analog modems, and ATM
• Shares WAN interface cards and network modules with Cisco 1600,1700, and 3600

Cisco 3600 Series
Modular, high-density access router
• 2-, 4-, and 6-slot models
• Wide variety of media support, including async and sync serial, ISDN, channelized
T1/E1, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Token Ring, digital modems, and ATM
• Voice/fax over IP or Frame Relay

Cisco 3700 Series Router
Modular multiservice high-density access router
• Enable higher levels of application and service integration in enterprise branch offices in a
small form factor
– Supports integrated firewall, intrusion detection, and VPN capabilities and offloads
processing to on-board Advanced Integration Module (AIM)
– Combines flexible routing and low density switching in a single platform with new 16 and
36-port EtherSwitch module
– Delivers internal in-line power for the EtherSwitch ports for a single platform Branch Office
IP Telephony and Voice Gateway
– Conserves WAN bandwidth with Content Engine module to combine intelligent caching,
content routing and management
– Higher performance enables scalable deployment of multiple, concurrent applications
• Wide variety of interface support, including integrated 36 and 16-port switching, high-density
analog and digital, voice, Cisco IOS Firewall/IDS and VPN, Fractional and channelized T1/E1
and DS-3, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and ADSL.
• SharesAN interface cards and network modules with Cisco 1700, 2600/2600XM, and 3600 series

Cisco AS5300 Series
Hybrid async and ISDN access servers
• 3 network interface card slots
• 4- and 8-ports PRI (T1/E1) and 4-ports serial
• Up to 240 integrated modems

Cisco AS5300/VoiceGateway

High performance T1/E1 VoIP Gateway
• 4 T1/E1 ports (96/120 voice/fax channels) and 4-ports serial
• One 10/100 Fast Ethernet, and one 10 Base T Ethernet
• G.711, G.729, G.729a, G.723.1, G.726, G.728 voice CODECs, and 14.4 kbps Group III fax

Cisco AS5800 Series
High-end dial products
• Hybrid, asynchronous and ISDN termination
• Accommodate both mobile and high-bandwidth requirements

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